Welcome to the Northwest Florida League of Cities' home page on the World Wide Web. The Northwest Florida League of Cities (NWFLC) is the largest regional municipal government organization in Florida. NWFLC membership currently consists of 53 Member Cities ranging from Pensacola in the west to Madison in the east, and 60 Associate Members.

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Northwest Florida League of Cities to assist Northwest Florida's municipal governments in carrying out their responsibilities to their citizens by:

  • representing Northwest Florida municipalities to the Florida Legislature, the Executive Office of the Governor and Cabinet, state agencies, and the Florida League of Cities;
  • facilitating communication among municipalities, their communities, and their elected leadership;
  • fostering cooperative partnerships with state agencies, peer municipalities, and the private sector in meeting common needs across Northwest Florida;
  • facilitating and providing training and technical assistance to Northwest Florida municipalities, and;
  • promoting effective municipal government throughout its service region.


Northwest Florida League of Cities
3200 Commonwealth Blvd., Suite 7
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Telephone: (850) 487-1870
FAX: (850) 487-0041

Christy Shell
Executive Director

Diamond Partner